Cheonan World Dance Festival 2021

festival overview

With Excitement! With Dance! To Cheonan!

Create the venue of festival of excitement,
emotion and harmony by combining the folk song of Cheonan Heungtaryeong
with modern touch and interpreting the dance with various kinds of song.


This honorary culture and tourism festival is the international dance festival representing Korea and has been selected as the regional representative performing arts festival for 7 consecutive years.

  • History

    Cheonan Heungtaryeong dance festival started in 2003

  • Global

    Over 1.2 million domestic and foreign tourists visit each year

  • On-off Line

    Online and offline festival considering safety and pleasure

Main Events

Opening Ceremony, Closing Ceremony, National Dance Contest, International Dance Contest, Korea International Contemporary Dance Competition, Mystery Ball , Invitational Performance, Madang Musical Play Neungso, Pink Pong Dance Party