Cheonan World Dance Festival 2023


Opening Ceremony

cwdf opening ceremony

2023 . 10 . 05 thu

offline - online

cwdf program

Check out the festival programs that you will regret if you miss, both online and offline!

Festival program

  • a national dance contest

    The dance competition of the teams that went through online preliminary screening!
    General, Youth, Heungtaryeong, Street Dance Battle,
    University Dance, Dance Curriculum

  • international dance competition

    A global dance competition where world-class foreign dancers gather together!

  • Street Dance Parade

    A magical time where the familiar streets turn into a festival venue!
    1st: Buldang-dong area, 2nd: Sinbu-dong area

  • national university
    cheerleading competition

    The excitement and passion of cheerleading teams from universities across the country!
    A stage full of energy that's boiling young!

  • battle of random dances

    Is this an art or a random dance.
    The scene of a wild dance explosion that you've never seen before!

  • Madang Musical Play 'Neungso'

    Reinterpreted based on "Cheonan Gosulhwaseungsojeon" Performance of Dance Curls (Dance + Musical)

  • The planned performance
    "Flaming Youth Dancing Night"

    With a thrilling and charismatic voice The stage of the stars who captivated those times

  • The planned performance
    'Bread Barber's Sing Along Show'

    Singing and dancing with the main character of Bread Barberso

  • Fringe Festival

    Fringe performances of various genres throughout the festival venue

  • Learning street dance by genre

    Street dances by genre that you can learn from street dancers

Closing Ceremony

cwdf closing ceremony

2023 . 10 . 09 mon

offline - online