Online Receipt

Cheonan World Dance Festival 2023

Online Receipt

online application

You can apply for participation in 2023 dance contest for Cheonan Heungtaryeong Dance Festival as follows.

Dance Contest Division

Reception Period

Dance Contest : From May. 22 (Mon) to Sep. 03(Sun), 2023
Street Dance Parade : From Apr. 24 (Mon) to Jul. 09(Sun), 2023


- Existing general division, Heungtaryeong division and silver divisions are now united to ‘General Division’.

- See the [Community > Notice] for details on contests

- Online application is available using browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox) except Internet Explorer

How to Apply

When submitting the application form, be sure to attach the participation video
(See [Community > Notice] for details on how to make participation video)


  • 1st Screening
  • Online Preliminaries (Participation video screening)
  • Final (Offline Runoff)